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Interior Architecture

Transforming and Transcending Spaces

Think of the last time you felt a room's impact.

Was it the freewheeling, ample spaces that spurred some of your greatest ideas? Was it the way the light streamed in, making the day seem boundless with possibilities? Or, was it the coziness of a room that made you feel like something special was about to happen? That’s the power of hospitality interior architecture.

Whether working on new construction or renovations, we navigate a world of space and dimensions, while never losing sight of what makes the environment truly unforgettable — how it makes your guests feel. Whatever impact you’re going for, the IGroup Design interior architecture team will make your guests see it, feel it, and remember it.

Concepts Rooted in ROI

Sure, we can deliver insane amounts of innovation and CAD & REVIT drawings with the best of them. But, we bring something bigger to the table – optimizing your building’s performance. After all, we live for designing an interior space while taking into account all elements of that space. Beyond placing walls, doors, windows, plumbing, structural accents and ventilation, we craft spaces that people want to spend time in. Altogether, this will enhance your ROI. Our approach? We listen closely, learn rapidly, gather ideas; but we don’t launch a single design until we understand your property needs and revenue goals.

Immersive Spaces Busting With Ingenuity

Making hearts soar and jaws drop, it’s what we do. We transform your space and how people interact within it with custom-built design. Whether a Spanish-inspired boutique hotel and spa on the California coast, a Marriott hotel in San Francisco, a senior living community in Newport Beach or a Native American casino and resort in the desert, we’ll create a sensory vibe that courses through every room, every space, every moment.

Shaping The Guest Experience

Here’s the truth: Spectacular interior architecture isn’t about us. Nor is it about you. It’s about them – your guests. Inside, outside, or poolside, design has the power to transform your guests’ lives and create indelible memories. What do you want your guests to do? Where do you want them to go? How do you want them to move? We know how to use light, space and dimensions to make things happen. Our designs will choreograph the entire experience – arrival to departure and every moment in between.

According to Code

More than creatives in hospitality design, we’re up to date on policies surrounding interior architecture. Count on us to work with a team of consultants to adhere to local, state, and federal regulations to ensure your project is not just stunning, but also functional and safe.

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