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Interior Design

Pursue the Possibilities: Be Bold, Be Brilliant, and Undeniably Worth the Buzz

Utterly imaginative and downright original.

That’s what guests expect and that’s what we deliver. Whether a boutique hotel, casino resort and spa, senior living community with multiple amenity spaces or a branded property with restaurant and meeting space, we know how to make an impact. Here’s how: We toss out the rulebooks and bring bespoke ideas to every project. Dreaming of the never-been-done-before? That’s our specialty. We’ll make it happen, just like we’ve done on countless occasions.

Game-Changing Immersive Design

No ho-hum, cookie-cutter design with us. Harness our designers’ megawatt talent and ferocious creativity to catapult your aesthetic. Count on us to custom-create novel environments for your guests. The secret? Knowing how to mingle and layer lights, colors, textures, and materials to cinematic effect. And, expertly weave in design transitions and transparencies. The result: Lush environments that give your guests a sensory jolt right on arrival.

You + Us: The Ultimate Collaboration

All of our projects are partnerships in the truest sense. You bring the visions, we’ll bring the options. Through images, love it/leave it boards, samples, and more, we’ll show you all the creative ways to achieve your look. We’ll be partners throughout the entire design development process. This means no surprises, no regrets. Just a streamlined approach and a true collaboration from start to finish.

Master Design Techniques

With IGroup Design, every detail is intentional and backed by master design methods. Case in point: We know how to make your design flow from room to room, interior to exterior. No hard stops, no gaping holes, no noticeable lines. Whether your property was designed five years ago or is a new build, we’ll merge all elements to create seamless transitions.

Custom-crafted Furniture and Fixtures

Whether you want timeless design or to blaze new trails, we can create it. From a lobby light fixture that makes a massive impact, to a custom millwork piece tying your original 1970’s building with more recent construction, to floor-to-ceiling artwork that becomes a spectacular, sensory focal point. We’ll make it happen, just like we’ve done on countless occasions – always in your style and within your budget.

Value Engineering

What you’ve heard about us is true: We’re MacGyvers of luxe design. More than tastemakers, we’re also problem solvers. We understand it’s crucial to stay within budget. But, we go a step further: We’ll make your hospitality project feel 100 percent indulgent. We know which details to splurge on and how to save, while never sacrificing spectacular design. Some clients call it money savvy, we call it smart design. Either way, the result is always the same: Bespoke interior design that is surprisingly (and secretly) on budget.

Entertain the Idea of More

Making you happy is one thing. Blowing your mind? That’s something else altogether. Give us your expectations. We’ll bring you possibilities and unravel opportunities that other hospitality interior design firms might miss. Our goal: Get people talking, sharing and, booking. Then, booking some more.

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