IGroup Design Architecture, Interior Design, and Procurement


Thousands of Details, One Partner to Handle Them All.

We’ll have our eyes on the details, so you don’t have to.

Furniture. Fixtures. Finishes. Accessories. This is what stunning design is made of. But, there’s more to it. If you pull back the curtain even further you’ll discover what it really takes to bring that lounge chair into your lobby and that custom, multi-textured fabric headboard into your 300 guestrooms. Like, chasing vendors, collecting bids, juggling timelines, selecting a warehouse, and scheduling installations. Exhausted yet? Lucky for you, IGroup Design is one of the few hospitality interior design firms in the country that manages this maze of procurement logistics start to finish.


Our profitable partnership starts here. Rely on us to stay strides ahead, while following your design vision and optimizing every dollar of your investment. Our biggest budget superpower? Our thoroughness. There’s not a question we don’t ask, a less expensive option that we haven’t considered. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, architects and designers to suss out alternative sources, methods and materials to deliver stunning design that meets the project budget.

Vendor Management

Fascinating fact: The average hotel lobby is made up of 40+ vendors. That’s why we keep a cache of hundreds of trusted design suppliers on speed dial. Relationships matter. And, we have them all throughout the industry, all around the world. In fact, relationships are our greatest asset. The result? Trusted trades people, manufacturers, and fabricators – both local and around the world – working their tails off for your success.

Scheduling & Project Coordination

From concept to completion, our team is locked in on the details. Whether it’s researching suppliers, collecting vendor quotes, coordinating shop drawings, tracking items, or calculating timelines, IGroup orchestrates all the moving parts and jumps over all the hurdles. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way with detailed reporting and documentation.

Delivery, Warehousing & Install

Because those nightstands won’t magically appear, then unbox and assemble themselves. (Though, we’d pay to see that.) The solution? Airtight operations. We’ll coordinate finding you the right warehouse and installer to meet your needs. IGroup can help manage this process for you and help answer any of your questions throughout. Working with a general contractor? Expect us to get in lockstep with their schedule right from the start.

Our Seasoned & Streamlined Approach

A keen eye for the details, a bulletproof process, and some pretty impressive organization skills – that’s how we consistently deliver on time and on budget. Plus, we never stop advocating for our clients. We’re constantly looking ahead, always on the forefront of what’s new, next and changing that will impact your project. Yesterday’s solutions? Already outdated. Let’s talk about what tomorrow can bring.

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