2024 Revenue Enhancing Hospitality Design Trends

hospitality design trends

Are you planning a property remodel in 2024? Here are six design trends to pay attention to as you are designing the new space. Whether you are updating a single area or your whole property, design that adds revenue is key to renovation success and will help guarantee a return on your investment.

6 Hospitality Design Trends to Embrace in 2024


Technology is here to stay – and it is changing so fast it can be hard to keep up. Fast, dependable wifi is a must but other technology trends will add to the guest experience and increase efficiency for your staff. Hotel apps that allow your guests to use their mobile device as a room key are cutting-edge technology that is becoming very popular. They increase security, give guests streamlined access to the property, and give data on guest/hotel interaction.

Want to take it one step further? Facial recognition technology is rolling out in some areas. It can be used for everything from check-in to room and amenity access. In an ideal world, it’s seamless and safe although the technology is relatively new in the hospitality industry.

Smart technology used in rooms can create a more comfortable experience for guests and increase sustainability for properties. A major component of a smart system is the ability to control room temperatures and lighting, both major expenses. Lights can dim when there is ample natural light in the room and brighten as the room darkens. Heating a room efficiently can ensure that guests are comfortable night and day, lessening the need to have a radiator running continually.


Consider how your space looks behind the lens. Picture-perfect vignettes that are recognizable can create a trend with millennials which means increased bookings and trendy marketing. By paying special attention to lighting and luxurious accessories you invite the guest to snap a quick photo throughout the building. You can also invite social media stardom by offering beautifully curated food and beverages, experiences, and “moments” throughout the property.

Create spaces and rooms that tell a story and invite the guests to be a part of the story.


Alexa for Hospitality has upped the game in personalized experiences and others are following close behind. When a guest checks in, they can now connect their own Amazon and TV subscriptions to seamlessly continue listening to their audiobook, or finish than Netflix binge show.

Personalized welcome screens on TV’s can welcome guests and aid in the process of making their home-away-from-home more cozy and personal.


The stuffy front desk is being replaced by stand-alone stations and check-ins from the lobby sofa. Instead of meandering through a massive, impersonal lobby, invite your guests to grab a drink and cozy up on the sofa while they check in with a guest service specialist.

Offering comfort and personalized welcome leaves guests feeling as though they are cared for and appreciated, both leaders in gaining brand loyalty.


Through advancements in technology and brilliant design, movable walls and customizable rooms are not only possible but they are a very real option for your upcoming remodel. The ability to customize the room based on the needs or wants of a guest adds far more value than their cookie-cutter counterparts.

By offering customizable rooms, property owners can manage guest experiences, offering them what they most prefer in a room. With movable walls, guests can create partitions or remove them depending on their needs. Murphy beds open up spaces during the day, making the room require less overall space.

To offer full customization, there is a growing trend of hotels that offer items for guests can reserve for their room like luxury throws, houseplants, and other room decor like vases and pictures. When a guest can fully customize their room to their liking, they are likely to stay longer, share with friends and family, and return.


People are watching. Everywhere you go, they are looking to recycle or reuse products. They are also hyper-aware of products built from sustainable products. Reusing towels is just the beginning of the sustainability trend.

In general, humans enjoy being a part of something good. Lowering the footprint of your property invites guests to vacation comfortably while still doing good.

All aspects of a remodel are important, from design to procurement to overall guest experience. If you are considering a remodel, be sure that you are choosing a team that will walk through the entire process with you, always keeping an eye on the overall return on your investment. At iGroup Design, we specialize in offering design and procurement services so that you can rest assured that we are working all angles for your overall benefit.


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