Best Practices to Determine and Maintain the Scope of your Hotel Remodel

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What is the project scope and why is it so important? The scope is the overall combination of requirements and objectives defined by the client and captured by the design firm in a narrative, which becomes a part of the agreement between the client and designer. Essentially, the ‘scope of work’, is the ‘ask’ of the client defined in a series of factors, such as focus of the project, cost, and timeline.

The scope is the general roadmap that everyone agrees on before proceeding. If the scope is not properly planned and executed, the entire project is likely to be delayed, costing more money than is budgeted which can derail the entire renovation.



Similar to a strong foundation of a building, a renovation or new project should be built on solid ground and basis from the beginning. A concisely executed, and properly completed scope of work is the start of a solid working relationship and understanding between all parties.



Before you can make any renovation decisions, you need to know all of your options. Your design firm’s job is to inform you of everything they can do, what they recommend, and why it’s a good idea. Knowing your options upfront will help you make educated and logical decisions about what is best for your renovation.

Your design firm will likely have the experience necessary to discuss your priorities and determine what is most important, keeping your overall ROI at the forefront. They are not trying to upsell you at this point, but simply to educate you so that you know all of your options before you start making final decisions. Be open to suggestions and ideas. This may lead you in a direction you did not think possible.




Allow your prospective design team to dig deep and ask all the right questions to ensure the renovation meets or even exceeds your expectations. The best and most accurate plan the design team puts together involves them asking the right questions of the client. Past experience and knowledge of the industry are the best way to fully investigate the best approach to the scope of work for your project.

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Transparency is key to a successful renovation. Both the timeline and budget are major factors that impact the project, and having them defined upfront paves the way for a smooth and successful journey.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your “over the moon” dreams with our design team during the project scoping phase. This deeper conversation can spark inspiration for innovative solutions and ensure the final design embodies not just your practical needs, but also your ultimate vision.  >> Learn more about our collaborative design process at our Studio


To avoid ‘scope creep’ when the project gets started, it is smart to identify to the client what could result in additional services by spelling out the cost and time constraints of each additional add-on.

Even small changes can result in big delays and high costs. Full transparency, deep questions, and advanced warning of add-ons can make the difference between timely project completion and a costly extension.

Scope is vital for everyone involved in the overall project. At IGroup Design, we have the experience and expertise to dig deep and create and execute a scope for your project that delivers excellence and meets or even exceeds your expectations.